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The shape of things to come

Wellington and its near surroundings are set to grow with three big housing developments in the pipeline. Whatever we feel about this, we must strive to make them more than just faceless housing… Continue reading

Let’s bring Mythstories to Wellington – before it’s too late

Let me tell you a story. There once was a successful little museum called Mythstories – the world’s first museum of storytelling, no less. It lived happily in an old library building in… Continue reading

Why we shouldn’t fear Telford the City

This week, Mark Pritchard MP has come out against plans – should such plans exist (and he claims they secretly do) to turn Telford into a city. It’s something that he’s brought up… Continue reading

2014: The year when Wellington goes west?

The south-western corner of Wellington is a bit special. Approaching the town from Shrewsbury, the first building you meet is the Old Orleton Hotel. Formerly The Falcon, this grand old Georgian coaching inn guards the junction of… Continue reading

2023: Mike’s lessons from the future

Another guest post *from the future* – this time from borough councillor, Mike Ion. As befitting a councillor who represents a ward called ‘College’, it focuses in particular on education in Wellington and what… Continue reading

2023: Rise of the home-town?

  19th century Wellington centre was a place where hundreds of people lived, as well as shopped. Those town-dwellers moved out as retail grew in the early 20th century, but will they return in… Continue reading

2023: Step inside the Museum of The Wrekin

In his recent vision of Wellington yet to come, local writer George Evans decided to turn the simmering idea of a Museum of The Wrekin into a future reality. It’s an idea that’s been around the… Continue reading

Wellington 2023: 100 year-old George takes a tour

Life-loving, peace-loving, Wellington-loving George Evans turns 90 this week. Many people will know him as a local historian, but did you know he’s also a local futurist? In this first of an occasional series… Continue reading