About Us


Wellington H2A (Heritage & Arts Alive) was formed by Rob Francis and Tony Nicholls in 2007. We had been organising live music events in Market Square for a couple of years, and set up H2A to make it all look a bit more credible, especially to potential funders. We’ve got a bank account, and a constitution, but that’s about as official as it gets. We never wanted to turn into one of those groups that has endless meetings and sub-committees without actually DOING anything. So, with our many helpers and supporters, we keep things simple.

Our objectives boil down to two key things:

  • To promote awareness and enjoyment of heritage and the arts in and around Wellington for the social, cultural and economic benefit of the town and its inhabitants
  • To promote the maintenance, enhancement and enjoyment of Wellington’s built heritage and public spaces

So – it’s about organising events that bring our town to life; it’s about celebrating the ‘makers and doers’, past and present, who give our town its identity; and its about making the most of our buildings and public spaces in contributing to health, wealth and happiness.

To contact Wellington H2A, fill in the contact form below and one of our little group will try to get back to you at the earliest opportunity.