Design & architecture

Like most English towns, Wellington has grown and changed over several centuries. We want new development to be sensitive to that local context – to the materials of the buildings it will sit amongst, and to the contours of the streetscape of which it will be a part. Good design doesn’t need to cost any more than bad design, yet too often we’ve ended up with poorly designed buildings and public spaces that damage rather than enhance their surroundings. We’re determined that from now on, everything built in Wellington enhances the character and distinctiveness of the town, rather than undermining it.

Back in 2008, external consultants put together a strategic development plan for Wellington Town Partnership. It’s a great document, and sets up clear and sensitive principles for development within the centre of Wellington. It’s the most creative and professional design document I’ve ever seen about Wellington. Strange, then, that it’s never been formally adopted by the town or borough councils, as far as I know – and presumably some councillors don’t even know it exists. Anyone interested in enhancing the quality of development in Wellington should take a look.

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