It’s out! Wellington Summer Events 2016

Over the last few months I’ve been gathering details of arts, heritage & community events taking place in and around Wellington between May and September. Here’s the result – Wellington Summer Events 2016, which lists nearly 40 events of all kinds (well, over 50 if you include the repeat events on the first page). Thousands of print copies will be finding their way around the area over the next month, but in the meantime, you can download one below.

Summer Events 2016_guide

Why do I spend time doing this? First and foremost it is a straight forward guide to tell residents and visitors what’s going on here in Wellington – all manner of concerts and activities, of markets, fairs and festivals – across the summer. But I hope it also sends a strong message that this is a town of makers and doers – because almost all these events are made possible solely or largely by volunteers. That’s probably hundreds of folks in and around the town who organise, perform, help out or in some other way take part for the sheer joy of participation, all represented in the pages of this guide. Good work, Wellington.

To download a copy, click here: GUIDE 2016_FINAL