Scenes from Sounds: 2015

A few weeks ago saw the last of this year’s eight Sounds in The Square performances in Wellington’s Market Square. This is – I think – the ninth year we’ve organised this mini-festival across July and August, giving local people a chance to hear performers they may not otherwise come across and helping to bring the street to life on a Saturday morning. I sometimes imagine that with a bit more money, a bit more time or a few more helpers we could take things up a gear and make this something to really shout about – but for now we do what we can, and hope that people enjoy it.

This year big thanks go not only to the performers, as always, but to our small ‘set up team’ of Tony Nicholls and Lee Milburn (who’ve been putting the gazebo up very early before work and taking it down during their lunch break), and meeters & greeters Matthew and Jo, who’ve been making sure our musicians feel sufficiently welcomed.

So, here are just a handful of shots from across this season’s series of events…