Look back in Arleston

A message from our friends in Arleston…
On October 26th, Arleston Memories and History Group, in league with the Residents Group, will be inviting people down to share their memories of local businesses past. If it’s within a mile radius of the Bucks Head, Arleston, then it’s on the list! So, if you remember the old shops, pubs and other businesses of the area, or better still have photographs or other related ephemera, do take them along and share with your neighbours. The event will run from 11am to 3pm at the Watling Centre, and free refreshments will be available throughout the day.
Cock Hotel
Dave Barnett says ‘There will be some stationary engines on show, and we’re also hoping to attract old cars and motor cycles, so anyone who wants to bring theirs along is welcome. There will be a section for Prince’s Street School memories, a Norah Wellings and Chad Valley section, free face painting for children, and a spinning demonstration.’ 
For any information contact Angela McClements on 01952 380212 or Dave and Gill Barnett on 01952 244922.
I don’t use this website as a forum for posting about local events (there are better websites for that, reaching more people than this does) but I’m happy to mention things like this. Because what Dave, Gill and their neighbours quietly set about doing in Arleston is a great example of what makes a community – they pick a theme, they hire the hall, they put the tea cups out and they get people together to meet and talk. And I’m convinced that events like this can make a difference to how people feel about where they live and the people they live around.
So, if you live in Arleston, or you come from Arleston, drop in on the 26th and see what’s going on. And if you live somewhere else – be inspired and do something similar on YOUR patch.