Wellington postcard from the future [No.2]

A second postcard from the future – this one promoting the Horner’s House exhibition space that’s been set up on Walker Street. Maybe you’re one of the volunteers who helped to make it happen?

Horners postcard

Here’s the text on the reverse side:

‘Back in 2013, the building we now call The Horner’s House – one of the oldest in Wellington – sat empty and unloved in the shadow of our new civic centre. But a few of us had a vision. We wanted to bring it back to life as a community-run gallery and exhibition space.

Seven centuries ago, it was the home of horn workers involved in the tanning trade. Today, inspired by those origins, the upper floors host a permanent exhibition telling the story of all things ‘made in Wellington’ from the medieval period to the 20th century. On the ground floor, the shop & gallery showcase the work of some of our contemporary craftspeople, with paintings, woodwork, glassware and pottery exhibited and on sale throughout the year.

Thanks to The Horner’s House, Wellington is firmly back on Shropshire’s cultural map.’

You can find out more about this idea in an earlier blog post here. Should this be on the agenda at Wellington’s Ideas Farm on 10/11/12? If you think so, come along and see if anyone else is interested in making it happen. 10.30-1.30, the Civic Centre on Larkin Way. It’ll be historic, if we want it to be…