Summer’s gone, but Wellington’s still sizzling

Wellington H2A is largely about events – organising them and promoting them. We’re small in number so we don’t do a huge amount – instead we focus on doing just a few things as well as we can and on a shoestring budget. And that’s OK, because there are plenty of other people organising events in the town too – in fact, there are more every year. We think that’s important, because if a small town like ours is going to draw people in, it needs to stir up as much hustle and bustle – as much atmosphere – as it can. Events are the best way to do that for relatively small amounts of investment.

So what’s happening at the moment? Well, we’ve just had the brilliant Wellington Walking Festival, comprising over twenty walks and themed events organised by the volunteers of Wellington Walkers Are Welcome. Those walks take people far and wide around The Wrekin, but they centre on Wellington – promoting the town as a place for walkers to start and end their routes. And now, as we move into October, it’s time for the Town Council’s month-long Wellington Festival, which is sort of in its 20th year and sort of brand new (the town’s literary festival is 20 years old, and this year expands into a wider arts festival with comedy, music, dance and other things besides).

This Saturday, the Wellington Festival launched with a market event titled The Autumn Sizzle (a sizzling hog roast being one of the main attractions). It was organised by Fay from Team Wellington and supported by the Town Council. Market Square isn’t very big, but it’s the centre of the town and we should be filling it with things like this as often as we can. Bring the Square to life and that atmosphere (and footfall) should ripple out around the town centre.

Next Saturday – 1st October – there’s something else to turn out for as Jerry the Ale Taster launches the first Wellington Oktoberfest, at midday in the Market Yard (off Market Street). I’m told there’s even going to be a German-style oompah band. The beer festival is designed to coincide with the Arts Festival, and throughout the month ten Wellington pubs will be selling real ale from eight Shropshire breweries, inspired by German recipes. It’s a great idea, and another chance for the town to show the world that it appreciates its local makers.


So, if you’re someone who complains that nothing ever happens in Wellington, or wishes it was more like other market towns you’ve visited – you’ve got plenty of chances to get behind the good stuff that so many people are now trying to create.Support these events, talk about these events and enjoy these events with your friends and family. The busier they are, the more chance that they’ll continue and grow, and that others will spring up alongside them.