Do you want your cinema back? Show us this Saturday…

Clifton postcard

Without doubt, the biggest and most exciting project in Wellington at the moment is the campaign to bring the old Clifton Cinema back to life. The energy behind that ambition was palpable when we held the Ideas Farm back in Autumn, and the steering group that emerged from that session has hit the ground running since – see their smart-looking website for details:

Better still, this Saturday from 10-12 you have an opportunity to find out what’s been happening and what’s in the pipeline, when the steering group hosts an open event at the Civic Centre in Wellington. Go along if you can make it – this is a fantastically ambitious project and it needs people to show their enthusiasm. It is, of course, early days, but it’s a project that can only make headway if people start taking an active interest now.


Great things can only happen in our town if we, local people, get on and do them – and The Clifton Project will need more doing than most. The days of local people being passive observers in projects like this are over.

You could be one of those people who says to your friends: ‘I see they’re trying to reopen The Clifton. That’d be nice.’

But who’s this ‘they’? The fact is, if we all rely on the fact that ‘they’ (i.e. someone else) is in charge of making this happen, well it won’t. What we need to start hearing is ‘Did you know WE’RE trying to reopen The Clifton.’ Once we’ve got a couple of thousand people around Wellington who see themselves as part of this project – as we rather than they – that’s when we’ll be on course for turning the steering group’s vision into a reality.

And if you’ve even half interested in what that vision is, you know where to be this Saturday morning. Go along and make history in your town.