Get some peace this weekend…


Back in January I posted on George Evans’ ambition to establish a peace garden in Wellington. As we saw then, it was a simple idea that was taking root amongst all sorts of people, and this Saturday it all becomes a reality. Over to George to explain what’s going to be happening at noon this Saturday, 17th March, in front of the new civic centre on Larkin Way…

Peace roses will be planted by Cllr. Lesley Street, Wellington Mayor, Cllr Arnold England, Cabinet Member of Telford & Wrekin Council and George Evans. A group of volunteers will be formed to look after the garden. This is the first chance we shall have to see the garden where later there will be opportunities for all to express their support for peace. How it develops depends on Wellington people whose garden it will be.

Later on we will be having a Planting Day, when anyone who wishes can come and make their own contribution either as a sign of their wish for World Peace or to remember a loved one. We hope that this will grow into a very beautiful garden, belonging to all the Wellington people who have contributed to it; a garden of which we can be proud.  There will be no public money involved, though the land remains T&W Council property. We are grateful for their help and support.

It is proposed that there will be several little ceremonies at the garden later on, when churches and other religions, schools and colleges, ethnic groups and others will use our Peace Garden. The Peace Garden is for old soldiers who, like Harry Patch, know that war is a stupid idea. It’s also for people who wish to plant something in memory of a relative they loved, or small children who want an ancestor to be remembered. It is, of course, for everyone.

We do hope that no person or organisation will try to dominate our garden in some way (such as by planting something bigger than everything else!) – we don’t want to fight about who is the most peaceful. What we do want is for everyone to look after and enjoy it. Every one of us has a responsibility to keep the world as friendly and peaceful a place as possible, and keeping this corner of our town tended, respected and loved is one way of showing that to all who live here, work here and visit.


On 28th April, between 10am and 2.30pm we will be holding a MASS PLANTING DAY on which everyone who wishes to do so will bring plants and put them in the garden.

Groups wishing to hold a special ceremony on a different day are welcome to do so. Please keep us informed.

What are the regulations?

  1. There are no regulations! We prefer to trust common sense.
  2. Please just have a good long think about what you plant.
  3. If you’re sure it’s right, it probably is.
  4. Don’t forget to plant carefully and add water.
  5. We’d rather you looked after your plant yourself.
  6. We’ll give you a label to pop in the ground; write it yourself.